Do you plan to do a Coffee tour in Boquete? For many years, the coffee grown in the mountains of Chiriqui has obtained excellent international criticism and the price that some of these beans reach in foreign markets is amazing.

According to Manuel Barsallo, coffee specialist and founder of, since 2004, Panamanian coffee has won several first places in international competitions such as SCAA Cupping Pavilion, Rainforest Alliance Cupping for Quality and Good Food Awards. Also, countless baristas have positioned themselves in the top 10 places of the World Barista Championship using Panamanian grains.

Meanwhile, in the country where these exquisite coffees are produced, the vast majority have only heard superficially about these issues, without paying much attention. At breakfast, it usually accompanies a regular cup of coffee, without going deeply into everything that Panama offers in coffee growing.

Coffee tour in Boquete

This is changing little by little, thanks to new local coffee shops focused on providing higher quality products and showing the special varieties grown in Panama.

In addition, several coffee plantations have opened their doors to tourism to show what is behind coffee growing, explaining the whole process of cultivation, coffee harvesting, classification and roasting, as well as the functioning of international markets and the demand that exists for coffee. the Panamanian beans.

Every Panamanian has heard about the famous Geisha coffee, but probably do not know that it sells for 50 USD a half pound in Amazon, for example. Every visit to a farm begins usually culminates with a coffee tasting, in which you learn to evaluate the color, aromas and flavors of different varieties.

How to get to Boquete?

To get to Boquete from Panama City, the first step involves traveling to David, the capital of the province of Chiriqui. The fastest option is to fly, with the airline Air Panama offering service from Albrook airport (PAC) and Copa company from Tocumen airport (PTY). These flights take around 45 minutes. The cheapest option is to travel by bus, departing from the Albrook bus terminal, with the companies Terminales David Panamá S.A.

Coffee tour in Boquete

Activities in Boquete

The Río Cristal coffee plantation is part of the Tree Trek tourist complex in Boquete. This hotel and its property are located at the top of Boquete, at an altitude of 1,700 m. Its climate is ideal for growing coffee.

After arriving at the farm, a guide will take you through the plantation and explain the different varieties of coffee. You will learn how the grain, fruit and flowers develop in different flavors. You will know the ways in which roasting and processing affect the final taste and most importantly, you will learn to recognize good coffee! You can try up to eight varieties of coffee before choosing a type to enjoy it.

Coffee tour in Boquete

Finca Lérida and the aroma of Panamanian coffee Located in the district of Boquete, north of the province of Chiriquí, west of Panama, is Finca Lérida. Here we got to know in detail everything related to the cultivation of Panamanian coffee, in addition to trying one of the most coveted coffees in the world.

Although it seems that Finca Lérida has nothing to do with the Panama Canal, it is just the opposite. Let’s know their history a little!

Finca Lérida is also a boutique hotel where you can enjoy, as Mönniche once did, a few days of relaxation with a unique experience. In addition, the most logical is the coffee tour, Finca Lleida we can also take a tour with a guide specialized in bird watching and even discover the fauna and flora thanks to the different routes and trails that can be done in the zone.

Coffee tour in Boquete

The best coffee in Panama

The coffee bean of Panama, has one of the best qualities, which continues to improve year after year.

Geisha Coffee is one of the most exclusive varieties among coffee lovers worldwide. Its harvest is made from the highest lands of the province of Chiriqui, Panama.

Recently, an international tasting was held «The Best of Panama«, in which the award-winning grain was cultivated at 1,800 meters above sea level and won the best score of the competition, where three of the 17 judges Internationals gave him 97 points.

Today, Panama holds the world record for the pound of geisha coffee in Boquete, and produces some of the most sought after high altitude coffee in the world.

Coffee tour in Boquete
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