Location of San Blas Islands

Planning your adventure to the San Blas Islands is a must when you visit Panama. These islands are the home of Guna Tribe, the native population of the area. This paradisiac place is a must-see, so be sure to add it to your list of things to do in Panama.

map of san blas islands
map of san blas islands

How to Get to San Blas Islands?

You can get to the San Blas Islands from Panama by 4×4 car and boat, or by plane. A popular option is taking a Day Trip from Panama to San Blas . Another option is rent a SUV car if you want to drive by yourself, however the road should be taken seriously if you have no prior experience getting there by yourself.

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Comarca Kuna Yala

Information About San Blas

Of all the islands of the archipelago, only a few are inhabited. The Guna tribe are those who run the tourism business there, offer basic services, as a clean water and towels, only. Don’t expect air-conditioner in cabins in San Blas since they run mostly on Solar energy. Only a few islands have the basic infrastructure like clean restrooms, restaurants and cabins. Tourism is the most popular economic activity of the islands. We make sure to work only with qualified and certified tour guides from

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San Blas Island

What will you find in San Blas?

  • Restaurant
  • No Cell phone coverage
  • Electricity by solar panels
  • Bathrooms and showers with no hot water
  • Cabins with sands floor and basic beds
  • All most disconnection with the rest of the world
San Blas Adventures
Cabins of San Blas

What to do in San Blas?

If you plan to spend your holidays in San Blas islands, you will see that you will not have time to get bored, because there is a range of activities that you can enjoy. Some of them you can do on your own, while much of the tours or excursions are organized by companies. The prices of these vary a lot. In addition, there are a day or several.

An interesting activity that you can do is to know the culture of the gunas and their traditions. One of the most outstanding is the so-called mola: the traditional dress of women, formed by a colorful handcraft .

kuna culture
Embroidery Kuna

Looking for the Ultimate San Blas Adventure ? You can sail on a catamaran, as well practice snorkeling. If you want to live an experience as a backpacker, you book a camping tour in the San Blas Islands, and make a bonfire on the beach.

what to do in san blas
Bonfire can you make in San Blas

You can not leave the archipelago without tasting the typical gastronomy, which is made up of fish and seafood such as red snapper, lobster and crab. Another product is the coconut, which they take directly from the palm trees and with which they can make great drinks.

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Food in San Blas
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